JAYS would like to bring all customers attention to the following requirements contained in the Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile’s standard 8856-2000 governing the manufacture and maintenance of suits used in events held under their jurisdiction.

“Protective clothing is not able to protect against all the possible hazards which might be encountered in automobile racing. The clothing specified in standard 8856-2000 has to provide protection against heat and flame whilst having the minimum effect on driver comfort. Users shall ensure that the garments are not too tight, as this reduces the level of protection. All the clothing recommended in Appendix L (Chapter lll, article2) to the FIA International Sporting code should be used in order to obtain maximum protection. Wearers are warned of the particular vulnerability of neck, wrists and ankles. The neck, wrists and ankles shall always be covered by at least two articles of protective clothing. Backing material of any badges to be affixed to overalls made to standard 8856-2000 or used to repair them must be flameproof and conform to standard ISO15025. The thread used to affix badges to overalls or to make repairs must also conform to the same standard. Any embroidery sewn directly onto the overall shall be stitched onto the outer layer only. Heat bonding of badges and signs to the overall is not permitted and the garment must not be cut in any way to affix the badge or sign. Any embroidery not complying with these conditions will result in the cancellation of the homologation of the overalls concerned and it’s user may be excluded by the scrutineer of the event of the event during which the infringement was noted.”

If there is any doubt about the type of badge to affix to your overalls please contact us. We recommend that your garment be checked regularly by JAYS to ensure its conformity with the FIA standard.

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